Mobile Education Unit

The Mobile Education Unit (MEU) is a proposed research and educational extension of Hospital Escuela’s Skin-to- Skin Care Program. Housed on an all-terrain chassis, the vehicle will accommodate rough and off road conditions to reach even the most remote clinics. The goal is that by advancing the working knowledge of local and rural clinicians performing follow-up examinations, inclusive of correct positioning for Skin-to-Skin posture and at home follow-up, post NICU care will be improved.

Clinicians will receive peer training from a variety of specialists including, but not limited to, a neonatologist, psychologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist and lactation specialist. The MEU will house preemie examination tables, storage and equipment for performing well baby checks and monitoring infant progress.

Data collection from the educational outreach will inform long term analyses of quality of life for premature newborns; confirm improved access to healthcare and record changes in practice for both medical professionals and mothers performing Skin-to-Skin care. The implications
for long term research and the advancement of medical care are numerous and scalable countrywide.

The Program
  • Vehicle accommodates up to four (4) travelers including the driver
  • Preemie Exam Table (RIT designed unit)
  • Horizontal surface for physical stimulation and therapy for infants and babies
  • Reclining chair for Skin-to-Skin care training (Herman Miller)
  • General storage for medical supplies
  • File storage for charts
  • Medicine dispensary, lockable with accounting system
  • Lactation refrigeration
  • Charging station and laptop area with flat screen for presentations
  • Whiteboard near exam area for writing notes
  • Storage for handouts, flyers for moms about Skin-to-Skin care, life skills and healthy choices
  • Storage for training manuals for clinicians
  • Storage for a baby | infant simulator
  • A hand washing sink
  • Lighting for examination and general movement within the vehicle
  • Room for doctors and patients to maneuver within the vehicle and perform required tasks
Next Phase
  • Equity analysis
  • Design development and vehicle acquisition for prototype

Mary Golden, RIT Assistant Professor, Interior Design


Christina Chang, RIT Teaching Assistant, Industrial Design

BFA Students

Samantha Bell, Interior Design
Felicia Boria, Interior Design
Sarah Bottini, Interior Design
Alexandra Bravo, Interior Design
Barbara Casale, Interior Design
Christine Checho, Interior Design
Sydney Dacosta, Interior Design
Rebecca Dowling-Fitzpatrick, Interior Design
Erika Edwards, Interior Design

Angelina Grasso, Interior Design
Han Ni Htoo, Interior Design
Brittany Nowicki, Interior Design
Nah Tivah Ross, Interior Design
Julie Ryan, Interior Design
Jordanae Smith, Interior Design
Octavia Spelman, Interior Design
Jennets Tho, Interior Design
Josephine Yu, Interior Design

Student Projects

Version 1

  • Mobile Education Unit Part I - PDF
  • Mobile Education Unit Part II - PDF

Version 2

  • Mobile Education Unit Part I - PDF
  • Mobile Education Unit Part II - PDF

Version 3

  • Mobile Kangaroo Mother Care - PDF