Journal Articles

J.D. Hamilton, S. Sorondo, B. Li, H. Qin, I.V. Rivero (2023). Mechanical behavior of bimetallic stainless steel and gray cast iron repairs via directed energy deposition additive manufacturing. Journal of Manufacturing Processes85, 1197-1207.

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Hamilton, J. D., Sorondo, S., Greeley, A., Zhang, X., Cormier, D., Li, B., ... & Rivero, I. V. (2022). Property-structure-process relationships in dissimilar material repair with directed energy deposition: Repairing gray cast iron using stainless steel 316L. Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 81, 27-34.

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Lazarus, E., Bermudez-Lekerika, P., Farchione, D., Schofield, T., Howard, S., Mambetkadyrov, I., Lamoca, M., Rivero, I. v., Gantenbein, B., Lewis, C. L., & Wuertz-Kozak, K. (2021). Sulfated Hydrogels in Intervertebral Disc and Cartilage Research. Cells 2021, Vol. 10, Page 3568, 10(12), 3568.

Conference Proceedings and Presentations

* - indicates presentation only, no proceedings

*J.D. Hamilton, I.V. Rivero (July 2022) Visualization of Melt Pool Stability for Wire- and Powder-based Directed Energy Deposition Repair of Gray Cast Iron. Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium 2022, Austin, TX.

*J.D. Hamilton, S. Sorondo, I.V. Rivero (May 2022) In-situ Visualization of Gas Escapement Phenomenon in Laser Cladding on Gray Cast Iron. IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2022, Seattle, WA

*Ceballos-Santa M.C., Ramesh, S., Rivero, I.V. (2022, May 21-24). Aloe vera-based Bioink for Skin Tissue Regeneration. IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2022, Seattle, WA

Lazarus, E., Osgood, R., Rivero, I.V. (2021, October 17-20). Chitosan Core Polyurethane Shape Memory Foam Composite with Antimicrobial Properties for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy. Materials Science and Technology Conference 2021, Virtual.

X. Zhang, W. Shen, V. Suresh, J.D. Hamilton, L. Yeh, X. Jiang, Z. Zhang, Q. Li, B. Li, I.V. Rivero, H. Qin (2021) In-situ Monitoring of Direct Energy Deposition via Structured Light System and its Application in Remanufacturing Industry. 2021 North American Research Conference