Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings and Presentations

* - indicates presentation only, no proceedings

Lazarus, E., Osgood, R., Rivero, I.V. (2021, October 17-20). Chitosan Core Polyurethane Shape Memory Foam Composite with Antimicrobial Properties for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy. Materials Science and Technology Conference 2021, Virtual.

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*Lazarus, E., Ramesh, S., Rivero, I.V. (2021, May 22-25). Three-Dimensional Printing of Absorbable Orthopedic Pins with Shape Memory Polymers. IISE Conference 2021, Virtual

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*Sorondo, S., Hamilton, J. D., Greeley, A., Cormier, D., & Rivero, I. V. (2021), Substrate Core Attribute’s Effect on Density and Distortion of Directed Energy Deposition of Stainless Steel 316L Components. IISE Conference 2021, Virtual