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IGD has been developed considering the extension of its capabilities to all types of gear sets. The gear set types implemented in the latest version of IGD are shown on the right side figure by means of a green mark. The gear set types that are pointed by means of a red X-shaped mark will be implemented in the near future.

The gear set types are organized considering the arrangement between the gear axes into the following three categories: Parallel Axes, Intersecting Axes, Crossed Axes, and Coaxial Axes.

  • Parallel Axes gear set types are organized into two groups: External and Internal.
  • Intersecting Axes gear set types include straight bevel, spiral bevel, face gear, and beveloid gear sets.
  • Crossed Axes gear set types include crossed helical, offset face gears, globoidal worm and hypoid gear sets.
  • Coaxial Axes gear set types include planetary gear sets and spline couplings.
Definition of new gear set type


Parallel axes: external

Spur gear set
Helical gear set
Curvilinear gear set
Pinion-rack gear set


Parallel axes: internal

Internal spur gear set
Internal helical gear set


Intersecting axes

Straight bevel gear set
Spiral bevel gear set
Face gear set
Beveloid gear set


Crossed Axes

Crossed helical gear set
Hypoid gear set
Globoidal worm gear set
Offset face gear set


Coaxial Axes

Planetary gear set
Spline coupling