Allyson Klopp

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Allyson Klopp

The Shelf Tray

Context: While hosting parties, people tend to rush in and out of the kitchen and living room, serving their guest with little to no time to enjoy themselves or their company.

Problem: Hosting guests at your home for a dinner or cocktail party can be stressful. Serving food and drinks at the appropriate time while still having enough time to enjoy yourself and your company can be difficult.

Solution: Produce a product that will help you organize and prepare food and drinks prior to the start of a dinner or cocktail party. The tray can be stored out of the way on the wall as a shelf. Holding wine glasses and wine or hors d-oeuvre and then easily removed and carried to the desired area to be served. The glass can easily be cleaned with a quick rinse to prevent wasted fresh water and personal time. The wooden detail allows the tray to sit up and off the table protecting the glass and eliminating sound when setting it down.

Brand Strategy: The simplicity of a multifunctional product produced with all recyclable material is a resourceful use of time and material in this wasteful rushed world. Recycled window glass is ideal because it can easily be cut by hand and then slumped in a kiln within a day. This process uses very little energy and effort compared to other glass blowing and kiln casting processes.