Blair Prietz

Blair Prietz headshot.

Blair Prietz

Jack of All Trades

Context: The idea came about while designing a 3D puzzle in the shape of a meteor, that when tossed onto the desk would fall apart on impact. As I was imagining the parts bouncing in all directions, the idea of a wooden object adorned with rubber shapes came to be.

Problem: To create a universal toy primarily fabricated from wood.

Solution: What makes this a universal toy is its strange form that isn’t easily identifiable. Its erratic bouncing quality is entertaining to all ages and when done playing with it can be visibly stored in the form of a bookstand, a picture holder, door stopper or just on the shelf to show it off.

Brand Strategy: It’s quirky and multi-purpose nature makes it a good fit for AREAWARE. There isn’t anything like this on the market. It’s bold form and interesting combination of material sets it apart from other toys.