Casey Schneider

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Casey Schneider

Plant Watering Rocks

Context: Every household plant needs to be watered regularly to survive. While self-watereing exist, making the plant and the watering vessel work visually together in harmony has not yet been achieved

Problem: Creating a proxy object that looks more harmonious and incorporating it into the plant's landscape while also functioning as a water feeder. Current watering solution distract from the beauty of the plant.

Solution: Create multiple sizes of glass rocks that can be filled with water to fit in a variety of plant pots and corresponding plants. The glass rocks are designed to release water slowly into the plant. Rocks and plants naturally fit together. By blending them together they look more like what we see in nature, are visually less distracting, and become easy to use because of their fit in the human hand.

Brand Strategy: Placement of a quote on the glass rocks "Water From A Stone" on the side of the glass rocks to reference a common saying repurposed into a functional object.