Cathy Min

Cathy Min headshot.

Cathy Min

Papasan Chair

Context: Time flies so quickly, as an adult we are caught up in the world of complexity and seriousness and we recall the fun and adventurous times we had when we were kids. My context is to help encourage the user to embrace their inner child and rediscover your childhood memories.

Problem: We don't allow ourselves to have fun as much as we use to when we were kids.

Solution: Resembling the shape of a geode, the vivid color and hard surface of the Wilsonart's Hollyberry Red and the softness of the beanbag make a remarkable juxtaposition. The unity relates to our adulthood shell protecting our soft innocent childlike memories. The two distinctive elements offer an enigmatic sight and it is also unexpectedly comfortable. The chair even offers a user a stimulation of being "cupped." By learning to embrace our inner child the possibilities of sensations are endless.

Brand Strategy: The Wilsonart chip holds a metal engraved description on the back. The chip is bobbing down like a shiny earring representing an ornamental element to the chair. Along with two grommets on the beanbag resembling a piercing, is to create character and a fun decorative component showing defiance and personality.