Celia Garland

Celia Garland headshot.

Celia Garland

A Vessel for Sound

Context: In this technology driven world it’s rare to take time to appreciate the world around us. It is important to realize that our natural world is something beautiful. People today get so worried about the slightest bit of weather that it’s hard to realize the beauty in a storm.

Problem: Create an object that makes storms exciting, as well as anticipated. Something that adds to the ambiance of the weather and makes it exceptional.

Solution: A wind powered vessel for sound that interacts with the weather. A three toned piece that changes tone as the rain fills the bottles and chimes even faster as the wind blows harder.

Brand Strategy: To convey the fact that this piece uses recycled elements I went with a triangle base pattern to mimic the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” symbol. By using the slightly manipulated yet still recognizable image of the wine bottles that support a windmill it conveys an image of sophisticated sustainability.