Christalyn Snyder

Christalyn Snyder headshot.

Christalyn Snyder

Shoe Bench

Context: Shoes are part of the daily ritual that is shared by both adults and children. The act, frequently performed in the chaos of an entryway, requires reaching the foot to put on the shoe and balancing the body throughout the process. Surrounding concerns are shoe storage, shoe care, and space constraints.

Problem: Create an ergonomic seating device that allows the user to put on footwear in a variety of positions and space for shoe storage.

Solution: A multi-level bench was created which allows for storage within the seating device. The compartments provided by the tubes help maintain a sense of organization when multiple pairs of shoes are within the bench.

Brand Strategy: Details, like the holes and the shoelaces are incorporated to reflect shoe design. This commentary allows Wilsonart’s chip to become the pristine tag on this bench, similar to the tag on a new pair of shoes. The chip represents the brand and contains information about its name, designer and project sponsor on the back.