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Clay Amos

USB Glass Jewelry

Context: Using electronics on an everyday basis. Easily carry valuable documents and files with you by wearing a flash drive as attractive jewelry.

Problem: A USB flash drive carried loose in a pocket, purse, or backpack can accidentally get lost or damaged resulting in irretrievable data loss. Have you ever left one in your clothes and had it end up in the washing machine?

Solution: Wear a flash drive as an attractive fashionable necklace or ring. The high tech designer jewelry, constructed from recycled wine glass, encases the USB in a way that protects it as well as allows it to switch back and forth, inwards to outwards, for ease of use. The necklace has smooth silicone tubing for a modern look and strong neodymium magnets for easy clasping and removal, instead of a time consuming hook. When it is plugged in, a flashing blue LED light in the ring ensures a positive feedback connection.

Brand Strategy: Re-use the glass neck tips from recycled wine bottles. Be green and contribute to environmentally friendly production by giving a second life to wine bottles and decreasing glass waste.