Colin Packenham

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Colin Packenham

Modular Stacking Tables

Context: The act of recreation, pure playing, is something that people often discard as they grow up from being little kids. Traditional games are often left behind, dismissed as childish and unsophisticated. Play is far from that; it’s creative and social, providing a true break from the outside world. 

Problem: To offer a designated apparatus for people to enjoy recreation, with the modularity to fit into many different spaces. The final apparatus should be enjoyable to play with, and able to adjust to any situation or game.

Solution: A series of six stainless steel tables, with even glass tabletops. The equilateral triangle is echoed throughout the pieces, allowing easy organization into any number of different formations; while also allowing the tables to be stacked upon one another, minimizing their footprint when not in use. 

Brand Strategy: The glass tops of each table are made from recycled glass.