Colleen MacKenzie

Colleen MacKenzie headshot.

Colleen MacKenzie

The Stanchion

Context: People fall into settings, often becoming comfortable to the point of missing the impact of notable objects in the scene. There is an opportunity to shock people into the reality of their surroundings by mixing functional object categories in meaningful ways.

Problem: Chairs take up significant space when standing alone and can often be hard to stow away efficiently. Chairs are not always effortless to move around between rooms and spaces unless they are more in the stool classification.

Solution: Create a seating device which accommodates temporary or occasional comfort as a perch and limited storage by offering a location for a drink, wallet, keys, glasses etc.

Brand Strategy: Graphic outlines of the Wilsonart sample chip icon shape are articulated as joints in details along the outside of each of the rungs of the seat’s ladder shape. One of those details is fully defined by the Holly Berry Red chip itself. This link between the brand and the design shows the intimate connection between Wilsonart and innovative thinking.