David Buchanan

David Buchanan headshot.

David Buchanan


Context: Inspired by dinosaur’s prevalence in popular culture, I wanted to design a collection of toys that blended the natural properties of hard plywood with the excitement, curiosity, and movement of their prehistoric siblings.

Problem: To create a universal toy primarily fabricated from wood.

Solution: The Lumbersaurs are made from durable hard plywood with metal fasteners that will last generations. Designed with a set of opposable joints, each character species in the collection has a set of mechanical movements that bring the Lumbersaurs to life, back from extinction. Each dinosaur has it’s own unique action, so that when the tail is raised or lowered the neck, mouth, or head also moves.

Brand Strategy: The Lumbersaurs were designed with minimalistic aesthetics in mind, but also the ability to create a variety of unique poses in each character. The qualities of this design help to keep manufacturing costs down in order to hit proper consumer price points. The iconic nature of the Lumbersaurs touch on humanity’s timeless fascination with dinosaurs for enjoyment of all ages.