Francesca Pezze

Francesca Pezze headshot.

Francesca Pezze

The Nodule

Context: Awkward personal grooming habits never seem to be discussed. Toenail clipping, shaving legs, applying lotion, painting toenails etc. not only are they uncomfortable to talk about they are uncomfortable to perform.

Problem: Create a bathroom apparatus to ease the process of tending to personal grooming habits that fits multiple sizes and doubles as storage.

Solution: A bathroom stool with varying height supports and storage compartments.

Brand Strategy: Like a branding tag on a towel, the red Wilsonart sample chip icon appears on a seam of the stool. It is set in white silicone so it doesn’t cut anyone’s feet and flexes if bumped into. The chip placement catches the eye without being too distracting and reinforces the red treatment in the other useful areas of the object.