Gabriel Greenlaw

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Gabriel Greenlaw

The Lampshade Coat

Context: A coat, formal or not, is often taken for granted, people wear it breifly and then hide it away in a dark closet where it never sees the light of day. Occasionally there is a rack near the entryway for the storage of coats, however they remain unnoticed and undignified until needed.

Problem: Create a wearable formal coat that takes advantage of the transparent nature of glass to provide light where it rests, challenges the traditional image of a coat, and complements its surroundings.

Solution: A wearable coat mde out of transparent post-consumer glass that rests on its own light post, acting as a lmpshade. No longer does the coat have to be hidden away in a dark closet. but becomes part of the environment by becoming a lampshade when not in use.

Brand Strategy: Green is a color commonly associated with recycling and the color used in wine bottles is very identifiable. The coat will be easily identifiable as post-consumer because of the color variations, inpurities in the glass, and any labels that remain attached.