Gonzalo Ciurlizza

Gonzalo Ciurlizza headshot.

Gonzalo Ciurlizza

Stacking Skyscraper

Context: The goal of the Stacking Skyscraper toy was to create a fun and enduring toy. The toy was inspired by looking up at the enormous skyscrapers in New York City.

Problem: To create a universal toy primarily fabricated from wood.

Solution: I defined universal as anything that lets a user have fun. The idea to create a stacking toy came from this concept. For this reasons, I decided to create a stacking toy in the shape of a skyscraper using nine wooden blocks that are registered in place with a central support shaft. This kind of activity has the finite sense of completion that brings joy to the activity.

Brand Strategy: The Stacking Skyscraper is a clean and simple toy. Anyone can look at it from a far and instantly understand its function along with what it references This product is something wonderful for today’s and future markets because of its association with building, physical buildings, and the New York City skyline.