Guo Wei Chen

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Guo Wei Chen

Fireflies: Lights of Nostalgia

Context: The fond memories of catching fireflies on a warm summer night will always bring us back to a joyous time. But in today’s fast paced society, we have forgotten what that’s like. To run around the yard with a jar and watch as it became brighter with each firefly was always delightful as a child. Then the moment of amazement that rushes over you when you release them all and watch as they faded back into the stars.

Problem: Create a light vessel that gives the viewer an emotional response, by taking them back to a simpler time where there are no worries in the world.

Solution: An illuminating panel that uses the transparent aspect of glass to its advantage. Using transparent LED film laminated between two panels of glass, the LEDs create an illusion that lights are floating in the air like flying fireflies.

Brand Strategy: The recycling aspect are the two repurposed glass panels that were donated. The panels are slightly different giving them each a unique characteristic, but still maintaining the structural form of the piece.