Jacob Dorpfeld

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Jacob Dorpfeld

Social Stemware

Context: Social gatherings are where connections are made, friends are found, and impressions with smooth actions are important. In such an environment, social interaction is the focus, and the less complex the atmosphere, the more fluid the interaction.

Problem: When mingling at a social gathering, balancing your food and drink can be difficult, almost impossible, and hinders the flow of a gathering. People attempt to hold a glass and a plate in one hand while leaving the other free to communicate or greet. One constantly needs to leave the glass with a friend, set the wine glass down, or balance the plate on top of the glass.

Solution: Combining stemware with a well-shaped saucer solves this problem. The vessel for food and drink are joined together, allowing a hand to always remain free. The transition between enjoying a drink, an appetizer, and greeting is now seamless and effortless.

Brand Strategy: Glass is one of the most efficiently and commonly recycled materials. The stemware vessels subtly display the elegance and purity of this abundant “green” material.