Jason Yi

Jason Yi headshot.

Jason Yi

High Chair

Context: In crowded, highly diverse, and fast-paced work environments we often need totake breaks to get back in touch with ourselves because when you have diversity with enough pressure, “heads will butt.”

Problem: In this working style, if it’s too much of a hassle to find a quiet and peaceful space in a short period of time, we may continue on with our day depriving our bodies and minds of the essential need of true rest.

Solution: Instead of having to go away to find some peace, we stay. And this chair brings you up, utilizing vertical space. This idea was inspired by the Zen philosophy of finding “peace within everyday chaos.” The form, resembling a Ziggurat or a Mayan pyramid, implies the intended use as a personal temple that’s left open as a communal entity – where everyone has access to the experience. This is high enough to provide the user with a wide field of vision, giving the effect of having a large area of personal breathing room – much like the feeling of being at the top of a mountain, or viewing an urban landscape from a rooftop.

Brand Strategy: To carry on the Spirit of the concept, the Wilsonart Sample Chip is integrated into a visual tuning device much like a mandala or yantra. Presented on the backrestin a delicate, spiraling gesture - like a falling leaf – it provides the user with a pleasant and calming visual cue in starting their session.