Jeffery Burrell

Jeffery Burrell headshot.

Jeffery Burrell

Strong Men Building Blocks

Context: The Strong Men Building Blocks were developed based on a universal theme of stacking and arranging blocks into unique forms. Inspired by a fascination with building, I set out to design an object that also made a connection to physical strength.

Problem: To create a universal toy primarily fabricated from wood.

Solution: The set of ten wooden building block men stacks and fits together in a multitude of ways. Each side of the wooden block has been cut identically so that it can be fitted together with an adjoining block in any way. The graphic solution provides the orientation and emotional character of each.

Brand Strategy: The Strong Men Building Blocks are a simple, carefully crafted set of wooden blocks whose design allows the user to creatively stack and connect them in a multitude of ways. The possibilities are only limited by the users imagination.