Jenna Parysek

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Jenna Parysek

Positive Reinforcement Light

Context: In an increasingly competitive and fast-paced world, children often feel pressure to instantly succeed at a task. Children would benefit from a product that allows them to visualize development in a simple and relatable way.

Problem: Children can become frustrated when they are unable to pick up a concept quickly. However, there is not an established method to document and help them relate to the idea of progress.

Solution: An engaging character in the form of a hedgehog was created to encourage interaction with the concept of development over time. The hedgehog serves as a nightlight for the child’s room, fostering feelings of warmth and security. There are holes located on his back, which are available for the child to insert quills as a reward for an accomplished task. The idea allows for the product to take shape over time. This object is meant to become a symbol of pride, and provide an image of progress in the home.

Brand Strategy: The repurposed nature of the glass would be expressed in the quills, which would be made from recycled glass stretched into rods. Glass suits the spirit of the product, as the material represents trust in the child’s ability to handle a precious object.