Joshua Rivers

Joshua Rivers headshot.

Joshua Rivers

Dry Goods Storage

Context: Showcase and celebrate the relationship between glass and the various goods which we store in them while re-purposing post consumer glass. 

Problem: As technology moves forward, new materials and processes are developed to cope with the storage needs of the ever growing population. Most of these solutions overtime eventually make their way to landfills. How do you encourage users to use more sustainable materials for storage in their homes?

Solution: Design a system that beautifully and cleverly organizes raw goods raw (salt, flour, baking soda, etc). We form and organizational strategy is inspired by the idea of “organized chaos”. Because there is no wrong way to reattach the separate glass containers, the object seems to always be balanced. The bi-product of this designed system is a more sustainable user lifestyle fueled by a new relationship between the user and the material glass.

Brand Strategy: The concept relies solely on the use of a common post consumer glass vessel.