Karen Mahardy

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Karen Mahardy

Low-profile Centerpiece

Context: How many times have you sat at a dinner party and were unable to speak to the person seated across from you because a giant overdone centerpiece was in the way? The center of the table is a place to bring art, natural beauty, light and functionality together, while making a statement and creating an environment that encourages conversation.

Problem: Create a focal point for dining table that is low-profile and encourages conversation across the table. The centerpiece should function as a place to put flowers, decorative food items, or small appetizers.

Solution: A sculptural, modular centerpiece that is short in height, extends horizontally and can be arranged to suit the needs of the event. The pieces that make up the centerpiece should vary in size and shape to accommodate different uses.

Brand Strategy: The centerpiece will be made of recycled window glass. Window glass has a particular look and it is this that will be the only indicator that it is recycled. The focus is to be on the design first and the fact that it is made from recycled glass is secondary.