Katharine Beyerle

Katharine Beyerle headshot.

Katharine Beyerle

Fish Flip

Context: I wanted to design a rule based game that was created by the random act of throwing objects onto a playing field and then tallying points based upon a designated set of visual outcomes. I drew inspiration from the classic game of backgammon.

Problem: To create a universal toy primarily fabricated from wood.

Solution: Fish Flip is simple to setup and play anywhere due to it’s scale and understandable use for people of all ages. The cloth playing board is laid out and two wooden fish are thrown to land into a graphic image of a frying pan. Points are counted based on the orientation of the fish when they land. The first person to reach 50 points is the winner.

Brand Strategy: The playful conceptual metaphor of throwing fish into frying pan, breaks the norm of what the typical buyer considers as a board game. The simplicity of materials used in the manufacture of the products along with the vintage aesthetic of the graphics on the playing board and fish allows Fish Flip to have a timeless, beautiful quality.