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Kevin Toh

Cord Organizer

Context: There are many devices with cords that are located around the house (ex. bedroom, dorm, and office). The cords are often messy and are unorganized. Some of the devices that require a cord are computers, laptops, external hard drives, webcams, the computer mouse, speakers, wire with USBs, lamps, and the cellular phone.

Problem: There are several problems with unorganized cords. Unorganized cords are usually not visually appealing. People tend to see many cords as messy and cluttered. The cords block people from finding things because they can be hidden behind or under the cords. Cords become tangled and knotted with each other very easily making it difficult to remove a device.

Solution: One organizer for the desk and one organizer for the floor that the cords can be neatly wrapped around. The length of the cord can be varied depending on how many times you wrap it. When using one or both organizers, desks and floors would be cleared of clutter and tripping hazards and more space will be available for use.

Brand Strategy: Both organizers are made from 100% recycled glass. Both the desk and the floor organizers are made from plate/sheet glass and cut with a water jet.