Morganne Theobald

Morganne Theobald headshot.

Morganne Theobald

A Vessel for Plants

Context: A living space without a lot of flare that may not have a lot of natural light coming through to it often in the form of an interior space like a hallway or and city apartment.

Problem: Many common living spaces are often over looked and passed through very quickly when there is nothing engaging to look at. These spaces are typically dull and dark and can be emotionally disconnected from the viewer.

Solution: Bringing the icon of the window into an interior living space and adding light and life forms allow the user to linger in the space longer.  This helps the viewer feel a more pleasant affect from passing through the space and seeing plant life and light in a space that is normally dull and boring.

Brand Strategy: Using large glass wine bottles as cylinders and opening them up into flat panels in the kiln to create windows with an optic flare like the traditional glass windows seen on farm houses.