Orion Becker

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Orion Becker

Ambient Light Tile

Context: The shower is one of very few common household locations where full sensory immersion can occur and the outside world is completely shut out giving us time to relax or reflect but is often only used as a quick method to clean the body.

Problem: Current lighting options in the shower are stark and harsh, emphasizing only modern cleanliness and efficiency in the shower. Typical lighting fixtures are usually positioned directly overhead giving off a consistent bright light which can feel harsh in the early morning or after a long day.

Solution: The other sensations of showering, the feeling water and heat, hearing the sound of water moving, are complemented by creating a lighting solution in which shower becomes a universally immersive experience which encourages complete relaxation. The twinkling effect increases this effect by simulating an underwater view of light entering from the surface.

Brand Strategy: Using a blue or aqua colored glass offers the option of using recycled bottles as a source for material. Blue and green glass also are reminiscent of beach glass and under water fauna.