Robert Guglielmo

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Robert Guglielmo

Illuminated Coat Rack

Context: Upon arriving home, we tend to remove the apparel from our day and settle back into our own element. Often times these garments are placed on common objects; away from the entryway where coat racks are regularly placed.

Problem: Traditional coat racks blend into their surroundings and become forgettable. What if a coat rack was celebrated as a vessel which invites the user to return to their own personal comfort and identity, rather than a bland, lifeless product?

Solution: A coat rack which can be placed in any room where apparel is often removed. The soft illumination of the glass bottles provides a clear visual cue of where to hang clothing.

Brand Strategy: Sandblasted beverage bottles showcase the re-purposing of a commonplace glass item for another function. In addition, the entire product is made with recyclable/reusable materials.