Ryan Erbe

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Ryan Erbe

City Blocks Music Box

Context: City Blocks is a musical toy that imitates the sound and feel of the city. Inspired by street performers and urban culture, this toy is sure to encourage creative play and social interaction. This toy is appropriate for all ages and connects with users through the universal language of music.

Problem: To create a universal toy primarily fabricated from wood.

Solution: The final design solution is inspired by the look and feel of an urban setting. City Blocks is modeled in part after the finger piano and cigar box guitar. The repositionable toy blocks are modeled after urban buildings and the graphic treatment of the box imitates the look of New York City. Moving the blocks changes the pitches of the strings.

Brand Strategy: City Blocks is modeled after the spirit of urban living and culture. Acknowledging that New York is the home of AREAWARE’s office, having this toy in their current product line will showcase their brand identity.