Sean Petterson

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Sean Petterson

Portable Backgammon

Context: In an increasingly digital world the purity and simplicity of the interactions around analog board games is an opportunity. Board games are a time proof means of propagating unadulterated socialization.

Problem: To create a universal toy primarily fabricated from wood.

Solution: Portable Backgammon is a vehicle for the world’s oldest game to be enjoyed in 21st century life. It has been designed to encourage a dialogue between people in their everyday environments. The utility of the form is its portability but the design fosters the inherent emotional response of game-play.

Brand Strategy: The ancestral undertones of the iconic game in combination with the thorough use of rustic materials, provides a sense of nostalgia. Juxtaposed with an organic and rational form, the overall language is syncretic, timeless and most importantly fun. Portable Backgammon’s form is optimal for simple manufacturing and compact shipping.