Taylor Farone

Taylor Farone headshot.

Taylor Farone

Tattoo Chair

Context: Tattooing is an uncomfortable, intimate experience between artist, client and chair. As the artist is engaged with the client‚ the client’s body is fully engaged with the seating device in use.

Problem: Create a seating device that allows the client to brace themselves, holding onto the chair, while giving full access of the client’s back and/or torso to the artist.

Solution: A seating device that allows the client to hold onto the chair back while resting their chest or torso on a comfortable, curved surface. The three-legged design provides stability for the chair and the users.

Brand Strategy: Implementation of red Wilsonart sample chip icon inlaid into the center rear of the seat. The objective is for it to exist as a powerful physical marker ‘tattooed’ against a black background.