Tiffany Hwang

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Tiffany Hwang

The Tool Stool

Context: In the kitchen, the cook is usually standing or moving about in a relatively controlled space. It would be useful to have something for them to lean or sit on temporarily. There is a limited amount of space in the kitchen, so the size of such a device should be small and easy to move.

Problem: Bring added convenience to people in the kitchen. The seating device should be easy to clean, easy to move around, offer some storage and not be dangerous.

Solution: A stool for leaning, and possibly for sitting, for a short amount of time. Wheels on the feet with a corresponding handle on top and foothold on the bottom allow easy mobility. A mid-size container on the back of the stool holds utensils, recipes, towels, spices, etc.

Brand Strategy: The placement of the Wilsonart sample chip icon on both the front and the back of the back support catches the user’s attention from various perspectives. The foot rests converge to the font chip becomes a focal point; the back is located right on top of the foothold becomes a target for moving the stool.