Tom Frobish

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Tom Frobish

The Reverie

Context: An idea starts off as a hunch, a tickling thought that needs to float around in your head before it matures. Ideas need time to incubate before actual realization occurs.

Problem: When a creative team works, they share their hunches until “the one” idea is formed. Often, before the hunches assimilate, ideas need to float around before becoming relevant. The idea grows, whether you are thinking about it or not. How do you make it grow faster?

Solution: A chair that allows its user to zone out comfortably without the risk of falling asleep. If the user starts to fall asleep, the chair moves, causing a slight falling sensation. The chair takes the user below the height at which people usually work, helping to put the mind in a different state of awareness.

Brand Strategy: The Wilsonart sample chip icon is inset into the back rest. The chip and the back have the same color, drawing a subtle connection.