Wil Sideman

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Wil Sideman

The Wall Sconce

Problem: Many people have felt this connection with the sea but rarely can individuals experience it on a daily level. People often suffer a disconnect from the ocean having either moved away from the sea, no longer have the time in their daily life, or have simply never truly experienced the incredible nature that is the open water.

Solution: Based off of a small rowing vessel this wall sconce presents the space with an illuminated object that brings the qualities of the ocean into the domestic environment. Whether lighting the bedroom, living room or the office this device brings the nostalgic, peaceful and reflective nature of the water into our daily lives.

Brand Strategy: Using the inherent qualities found in glass this sea worthy vessel reflects light off the imperfect surface of kiln formed sheet glass. This lighting fixture uses the marks left by the material processes used in recycled glass to strengthen the desired overall effect of the object.