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L3Harris is an agile global aerospace and defense technology innovator, delivering end-to-end solutions that meet customers’ mission-critical needs. We provide advanced defense and commercial technologies across air, land, sea, space and cyber domains. We bring speed, innovation and flawless execution together with our commitment to make the world more secure.

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SPIE is the international society for optics and photonics, an educational not-for-profit organization founded in 1955 to advance light-based science and technology. The Society serves nearly 257,000 constituents from 173 countries, offering conferences and their published proceedings, continuing education, books, journals, and the SPIE Digital Library in support of interdisciplinary information exchange, professional networking, and patent precedent. In 2019, SPIE provided more than $5 million in community support, including scholarships and awards, outreach and advocacy programs, travel grants, public policy, and educational resources.

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TOPTICA is the world leader in diode laser and ultrafast technology for industrial and scientific markets. We offer the widest range of single mode tunable light in the 190 – 4000nm and 0.1 – 6 THz spectral region with various accessories to measure, characterize, stabilize and analyze light. TOPTICA's products are widely and successfully used for research and applications in quantum physics, quantum optics, atom optics, photonics and related fields. Whenever a laser is required – pulsed or cw, tunable or actively frequency stabilized – a frequency comb or even a complete solution combining many lasers and photonicals, TOPTICA is the ideal partner.

Our highly educated staff is very often recruited out of the scientific community itself. We still remember how it was when doing fundamental research and share with you “A Passion for Precision.” Quantum technology experts and laser specialists are prepared to find together with you the ideal solution – from scientist to scientist. Wavelength, power, coherence, tuning, …. challenge us with your needs!

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Teledyne Princeton Instruments (TPI)

Teledyne Imaging is a group of leading-edge companies aligned under the Teledyne umbrella. Teledyne Imaging forms an unrivaled collective of expertise across the spectrum and decades of experience. Individually, each company offers best-in-class solutions. Together, they combine and leverage each other’s strengths to provide the deepest, widest imaging and related technology portfolio in the world. From aerospace through industrial inspection, radiography and radiotherapy, geospatial surveying, and advanced MEMS and semiconductor solutions, Teledyne Imaging offers world-wide customer support and the technical expertise to handle the toughest tasks. Their tools, technologies, and vision solutions are built to deliver to their customers a unique and competitive advantage.

Teledyne Princeton Instruments (TPI), a business unit of Teledyne Digital Imaging US, Inc, designs and manufactures high-performance CCD, sCMOS, ICCD, EMCCD, emICCD, and InGaAs cameras; spectrographs; and optics-based solutions for the scientific research, industrial imaging, and OEM communities. We take pride in partnering with our customers to solve their most challenging problems in unique, innovative ways.

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Hamamatsu Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (Japan), a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art devices for the generation and measurement of infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light, as well as xrays. These devices include silicon photomultipliers, photomultiplier tubes, photodiodes, infrared detectors, image sensors, spectrometers, spatial light modulators, cameras, and scientific light sources. This summer we are hosting a series of webinars about these devices, and those interested in attending can register at our website,

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ID Quantique

ID Quantique (IDQ) is the world leader in quantum-safe crypto solutions, designed to protect data for the long-term future. The company provides quantum-safe network encryption, secure quantum key generation and quantum key distribution solutions and services to the financial industry, enterprises and government organisations globally.

IDQ also commercializes a quantum random number generator, which is the reference in the security, simulation and gaming industries.

Additionally, IDQ is a leading provider of optical instrumentation products, most notably photon counters and related electronics. The company’s innovative photonic solutions are used in both commercial and research applications.

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Photonics Media

Photonics is the technology of generating and harnessing light and other forms of radiant energy whose quantum unit is the photon. Applications for light-based technologies are growing every day and can be found nearly everywhere – from cell phone displays and cameras to lighting and cars that park themselves. Photonics utilizes lasers, optics, imaging and more to impact every area of modern life, from communications and information processing to lighting, agriculture and medicine, manufacturing, transportation, aerospace and much more.

Photonics Media publishes print and digital business-to-business magazines, buyers’ guides, websites and e-newsletters for individuals working with light-based technologies in the photonics industry. A pioneering publisher in the discipline of photonics, Photonics Media has built a large global audience comprising academics and researchers, manufacturers and end-users. 

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Quantum Design

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Since its inception in 1982, Quantum Design International (a privately held corporation) has developed and manufactured automated temperature and magnetic field testing platforms for materials characterization. These systems offer a variety of measurement capabilities and are in widespread use in the fields of physics, chemistry, biotechnology, materials science, nanotechnology, and quantum information research.

Building on its expertise in the global marketing and distribution of its own scientific instruments, Quantum Design International (QDI) eventually broadened its scope to distribute quality scientific instruments from other manufacturers through an international network of wholly owned subsidiaries in every major technological center around the world.

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