Graphic showing two cartoon faces wearing masks.

Right now, masks can make it hard for everyone to communicate.
That’s why we’ve created TigerChat™.

Graphic showing text bubbles.

What is TigerChat?

A new app that’s been developed to help the RIT community eliminate communication barriers. As a member of the RIT community, you can use TigerChat to converse with another person or group using automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology and typing. You can watch the conversation as is happens rather than wait for someone to press the “send” button.

Orange background showing images of masks.

How do I get it?

TigerChat is available to the RIT community. Go to the app or use the link on the RIT Mobile app and log in using your RIT G Suite* account and password. Your conversation will start right away! Then invite others using a conversation code or QR code.

*If you have not set up your RIT Gmail account, visit google.rit.edu.

Go to the App

TigerChat also will work on any device in commonly used browsers (for example, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge). You can install TigerChat right on your home screen!

Questions or suggestions? Contact us at tigerchat@rit.edu.