Using Code42 for backing up and restoring files

Code42 is a file backup service supported by RIT to ensure that important data can be restored if something happens to them.

Logging in to Code42

  1. Input your RIT username and the server address in the prompted fields.

  2. You will then be prompted for a password, enter your RIT password

Managing and Backing up files

Upon opening the Code42 app, Code42 will begin backing up the files on your computer. Hitting the pause button will pause this for an hour. When backups are not paused, Code42 will automatically start a backup every 15 minutes after a successful backup has been completed. To avoid backing up your entire computer to, you can manage and select specifically which files you want to be backed up.

  1. Click the "Manage Files" button on the right side of the screen shown here

  2. This will bring up the computers directory seen below. Clicking on the checkboxes on the left side of a folder or file will select the files that will be backed up. Selecting/deselecting a folder checks/unchecks all files and folders inside of it. You can traverse through the directory and its folders by clicking on the folder name that you wish to move through.

  3. After you have selected the folders and files you want to be backed up, make sure to hit save in the bottom right corner of the manage screen. NOTE: any files that you unselect that were previously backed up, will be deleted from the backup. Even if no changes have been made, keep ALL files that you want to save selected.
  4. After saving, backups will automatically resume after a short time, or you can select "resume backup now" to start a backup manually.

Restoring files from backups

If something does happen to a file, and you wish to recover it from the backup, Code42 contains several options to recover it how you want it to.

  1. First click Restore Files in the upper right of the screen, shown below.
  2. Find the file(s) you would like to restore and select them, similar to when you were managing the backup before. Then click on the Restore Files button in the bottom right to bring up the restoration options.

  3. After clicking "Restore Files", the following menu with options should pop up.
  4. There are three selections you must make with the drop down menus on the right. Most of the time, the default selections will be the ones you will want but the other options are.
    1. Save Selected Files To >> Desktop(The computer you are using's desktop), Downloads(Your user/Downloads folder), Original Location(Saves to the same path the backed up files were in), Other(Specify a new location)
    2. If File Already Exists >> Rename(Create a new File with a different name), Overwrite(Replace Old file)
    3. Permissions >> Current(Permissions for the file of the user/computer you are downloading from), Original(Permissions of the file for the user/computer that the file was originally backed up on). 
      1. This option only really has an effect if a different computer is being used than it was originally backed up from(ie. going from a work to a personal computer or vice versa)
  5. After choosing your preferred options, click on the Go button in the bottom right of the menu to restore your file. You should receive a notification in the top right of your crashmap app that it was successful.

If there are any further questions, or there is an issue with the documentation, please contact for additional assistance.