Retiree Awards

About the award

Retirees Picnic

Each year we are proud to recognize one faculty member retiree and one staff member retiree for their service to the university.

Past Recipients

  • Staff Award Recipient: Bob Baker – Director and Curator, Dyer Center, NTID
  • Staff Award Recipient: David McCloskey – Associate Interpreter, Department of Access Services
  • Faculty Award Recipient: James DeCaro – Dean of RIT/NTID
  • Faculty Award Recipient: Alan Hurwitz – President, NTID
  • Staff Award Recipient: Cassandra "Sandy" Jordan – Director of RIT Student Health Services
  • Faculty Award Recipient: John Schott – Imaging Science
  • Staff Award Recipient: Fred Bleiler – Phys. Ed. Intramurals & Recreation
  • Faculty Award Recipient: Bill Larson – Civil Engineering Technology
  • Staff Award Recipient: Lois Goodman – Wallace Library
  • Faculty Award Recipient: Butch Mothersell- NTID and Campus Ministries
  • Staff Co-Award Recipients: James Bingham and Gary Gasper- Food Service
  • Faculty Award Recipient: Dr. Eugene Fram- Professor Emeritus, Saunders College of Business
  • Dr. Robert Frisina
  • Mr. J. Roger Dykes
  • Mr. Robert Keyser
  • Ms. Linda Sallade
  • Mr. Stanley Witmeyer
  • Mr. David Calman
  • Dr. Marvin Sachs
  • Mr. Richard Sterling
  • Dr. Peter Giopulos
  • Mr. James Papero
  • Joe Brown
  • Dr. V.V. Raman
  • Bob Day
  • Barbara Letvin
  • Dr. Albert J. Simone
  • Mrs. Carolie Simone
  • Mr. Dane Gordon
  • Cathy Whittemore
  • Dr. Mary Sullivan
  • Mr. Earl Fuller
  • Dr. James Campbell
  • Dr. Robert Panara
  • Mr. Reno Antonietti
  • Mr. Alfred Davis
  • Dr. Paul Miller
  • Dr. Francena Miller
  • Dr. M Richard Rose

* In 2005, the RITirees Committee began conferring two annual RITirees Awards: one faculty and one staff.
** In 2008, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the RITirees Picnic and Award Ceremony, the RITirees Committee gave two faculty and two staff awards.