NTID Online

NTID Online Programs

The NTID online tuition rate is intended for students pursuing the online AAS in Business Administration degree or deaf and hard-of-hearing students pursing an online program.

Undergraduate students with an admit date of spring 2022 or later that have been identified as pursuing their education entirely online by the RIT Admissions Office are eligible to be assessed tuition at the NTID online rate.

Online students awarded the NTID online tuition rate may still receive financial aid award including federal government, state government, and specialized tuition assistance programs.

Courses Rate
Undergraduate NTID online (Domestic Student) $536 per credit hour
Undergraduate NTID online (International Student) $1,072 per credit hour

Students awarded the NTID online tuition rate are not eligible to receive:

  • RIT/NTID Merit Scholarships
  • RIT/NTID Grants
  • Course Audit Rate, as this only applies if awarded the standard NTID tuition rate

Online students awarded or applying for Rochester Regional Health (RRH) Employee Tuition Benefit are not eligible to receive the NTID online tuition rate.