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Brendan and Bianca Shah are a brother and sister team running International Tea Importers and Chado Tea Room in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from RIT in 2015, Brendan (Golisano College of Computer Science) worked as a Software Engineer at Amazon, and Bianca (Saunders College of Business) stepped in to learn the family business from their father, Devan Shah. After his untimely death, both were thrust into running their family business with little guidance and much to learn. They worked tirelessly on modernizing the company's operations while keeping their family's legacy alive and well. During their time, they encountered several opportunities to use the skills they developed to step into different companies and help them achieve new levels of growth. They sit on the management teams of ITI and Chado, as well as FlavorGod Seasoning, Shredz Supplements, and Skinny Bunny Tea, and advise entrepreneurs across the food industry on how to build strong teams and use social media to grow their brands.

Bianca and Brendan Shah - Chado Tea
Chado Tea
Rochester Institute of Technology
Saunders College of Business
Golisano College of Computer Science