Jacques Clements

headshot of Jacques Clements

Jacque Clements (1925 – 2019) was a colorist. He explored the relationships of color, shape and line in his compositions. His works are representational abstractions of landscape, still life and floral subjects that result in thoughtful compositions, simplified shapes and colors. His non-objective abstractions explore line, shape and color that create compositions that suggest light, form and depth of field without representing any actual object. The work may evoke images, but are subjective to the individual viewer and not by the artist’s intention.

His figurative sculptures, both human and animal, give a nod to American folk art, while firmly holding their place in the Post war Modernist movement. Clements received his BFA at Rochester Institution of Technology in 1967 and then taught at Monroe Community College and was made chairman of the art department.

Jacques Clements
Rochester Institute of Technology
College of Art and Design
Painting, BFA 1967