Jonathan Schroeder
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Jonathan Schroeder and Janet Borgerson are a creative team that write about brands, design, and vinyl. Their work has appeared in a wide range of publications from Cool and Strange Music to the World Financial Review. Avid record collectors, their enthusiasm for modern design, backyard barbecues, and travel abroad found expression in a new book, Designed for Hi-Fi Living: The Vinyl LP in Midcentury America, published by MIT Press, which was named a “Best Book of 2017” by the Financial Times and a “Best Music Book of 2017” by Vinyl Factory, and was named on the Holiday Book List of Docomomo US (the Committee for the Documentation and Conservation of the Modern Movement). They divide their time between Rochester, New York, Interlochen, Michigan, and London.

Jonathan Schroeder
Rochester Institute of Technology
College of Liberal Arts
School of Communication, Professor