Fantastic Folktales from The Ghanaian Savannah

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Explore the first stories in a collection of Ghanaian folktales for all ages, translated into English from the Kasem language. 

Portrait of victoria Abaakaane Yitah

The Singing Calabash

Victoria Abaakaane Yitah grew up in rural Vunania, three miles away from her marital home in Navrongo. An accomplished storyteller and musician, Abaakaane is a dirge singer and likes telling stories in which songs are integrated into the narration. In addition, Abaakaane is a traditional craftswoman who makes local mats and baskets. She brings her artistic talents and her deep knowledge of Kasena culture into her storytelling.

View original video performance of “The Singing Calabash” in Kasem language.

Akansaare's pact
Portrait of Akula Amangeyem Akula

Akansaare's Pact

Akula Amangeyem Akula grew up in Kologu, a small town about 20 miles from the district capital, Navrongo where she moved to live with her husband. She is an accomplished storyteller and musician who leads in the performance of linlɛ, a female genre of Kasem recreational dance music. She is also a traditional medical practitioner who has gained recognition for the efficacy of her herbal medicines.

View original video performance of “Akansaare’s Pact” in Kasem language.

The trusting hyena
Portrait of Alexis Azergio

The Trusting Hyena

Alexis Azerigo is a cousin to Abaakaane Yitah and grew up with her in Vunania. He is well known around Navrongo for his storytelling talents and his large repertoire of traditional folktales with which he regaled children and other community members. Alexis used to be a teacher in the basic school but retired from this job more than a decade ago. He now lives on a farm several miles outside Navrongo town.

View original video performance of “Trusting Hyena” in Kasem language.