What is Engaged Storycraft

Storycraft is the practical application of unique combinations of story and technologies of making.

Engaged storycraft is an open invitation to creators, researchers, professional communicators and educators, and story readers, performers, and players to:

  • Explore the potential of story as a mode of inquiry, expression, and performance
  • Develop creative, analytical, and technological skills for making stories
  • Exploit story to engage specific contexts and communities in new ways

Apply story practices to everyday environments and better understand their practical applications to a variety of professions and developing fields.

CES is an interdisciplinary center working and playing with story-based creativity, research, and technical craft.

Hosted by the English Department at the Rochester Institute of Technology, CES brings together experts in story creation, technical media practices, narrative studies, education, interactive media, game design and development, story-based analytics, and story-driven pedagogies.

We collaborate on research projects and new pedagogies to increase awareness of story - one of the primary ways we communicate, analyze, perform, build, and share knowledge.

Colorful graphic with a black background of "storycraft"

CES strives to explore and expand the interdisciplinary potential of storytelling as a primary way we communicate, share experiences, make connections, and build knowledge. Through research partnerships, story-driven pedagogies, workshop experiences, and collaborative projects, the center promotes work at the intersection of story and creative technological making that understands and engages its audience in transformative ways.