Tech Crew provides a variety of services to support events held on the RIT campus. We operate out of the Student-Alumni Union and annually support 600+ events ranging from small meetings to large-scale concerts. Our services include:


We have stage risers ranging from 16” to 24” high, and can arrange through vendors for stage risers 16” to 72” in height.

Sound Systems

Our sound systems range from speakers on stands for smaller events to concert grade array systems in our larger venues. Our inventory of mixing consoles ranges from 4 channel microphone mixers to the Yamaha CL5 and PM5D.

Stage Lighting

Our lighting fixture inventory includes Ellipsoidals, PAR56, PAR64, ColorSource PARs, black lights, and strobe lights. We have over 400 fixtures to meet all concert or theatrical requirements. Our control equipment includes several small 6 to 12 channel dimmers to a 48 channel unit as well as several consoles that can operate anywhere from 24 to several hundred dimmable channels.

Rigging Equipment/Services

In larger venues (Gym, Field House, and Ice Arenas), some equipment may be flown from the ceiling. Equipment includes industry standard ground support lifts and CM Lodestar chain hoists. We work with local union certified riggers to provide support for any events requiring flown equipment.

Electrical Power Distribution

There are electrical services installed across campus which we can utilize to provide power for a wide range of events.

Dance Floor

The portable dance floor is comprised of 3’x3’ oak parquet interlocking sections and can provide up to 900 square feet of dance area. It is only available in the SAU or Clark Gym.

Theatrical Support

In Ingle Auditorium we have the use of all the equipment mentioned above as well as projection, a carpentry shop, soft goods, and intercom systems.

Backline Equipment

Through outside vendors, we can provide backline equipment (drum sets, keyboards, pianos, guitar amplifiers or other large instruments that generally are not carried on flights) for performers.


Our crew of 60 experienced employees can provide all necessary support for events.

Facilities We Typically Operate In

Student-Alumni Union (all areas), Gordon Field House, Gene Polisseni Center, Clark Gymnasium, Ritter Ice Arena, Interfaith Center, Watson Dining Hall, CIMS, Outside Programming Areas

Types of Events Supported

Banquets, Conferences, Lectures, Presentations, Expositions, Concerts, Social Functions, Theatre

Note: We do not rent or loan equipment out to others. We do not provide video projection or production. Video services are provided by RPS (RIT Production Services), x5-7703, located in the basement of the Wallace Library. Typically, we do not support instructional (classroom) needs as they are provided by RIT Classroom Technology, x5-2551.


Tech Crew estimates based off either a Flat or Scheduled rate. If an event has typical A/V requirements and is within a 3 hour time slot, the event will be charged by the Flat Rate which is based off the equipment used. For more complicated set ups, the Scheduled Rate (or hours worked) will be the basis of how an estimate is created. Please note that all Tech Crew estimates are based on the information given and are subject to change.

In order to ensure that your estimate will be accurate, please make sure to provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Event Location
  • Event Date
  • Event Title
  • Event Times (Start and Finish)
  • Event Requirements (Podium with Microphone, Wireless Mic, etc.)
  • If there is a diagram, program or any other information that you believe may be important in the planning of the event, please include it.

All student organization events supported by Tech Crew must adhere to the Event Registration guidelines/policies.