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Manage a Club

Managing a club is an evolving process. Keep up to date with current club events at the ClubsAtRIT Facebook and Twitter, and Instagram pages!

Getting Started!

New in the E-board and not sure what to do? You can schedule an appointment with a club staff member. Checking out the Club Manual can also be a great start!

Maintaining Club Status

Each existing club needs to fill out the Annual Club Recognition Form (Club Census). Existing Sport Clubs with fill out a Sport Exisiting Annual Club Recognition Form and existing Non-Sport Clubs will fill out a Non-Sport Exisiting Annual Club Recognition Form. There are two mandatory all clubs meetings a year, listed under the Clubs Important Dates.

Recruiting Club Members

There are 5 Club Fairs throughout the year, including the HUGE Tigers Activities Gala at Orientation! Be sure to register your club for a table in advance, and you will have the chance to interact with potential club members. 

The Center for Campus Life supports and values an individual's right to access and utilize programs and services in accordance with their gender identity.  We are committed to fostering a culture of open-mindedness, compassion, and inclusiveness among individuals and groups.  All participants are expected to uphold the rights and others and to be civil, respectful citizens of the RIT community.  The Club Sports Transgender Inclusion Policy can be found here.

For all registration inquiries please contact


It’s FREE! Includes creation, promotion AND distribution! To request artwork, fill out the Art Request Form. Request banner, poster, & LCD display designs.  Every club gets 200 FREE black/white flyers at the Tiger Suite with an Expense Approval Form. You can also reserve a display case space through the Campus Center Welcome Desk.

All designs (flyers, logos, banners, tshirts, etc.) need to be pre-approved by completing the Design Approval Form prior to ordering or distribution, found on the Campus Life Clubs page through Campus Groups. Design imagery may not include: profanity, firearms, nudity, copyright material/images, drug/alcohol paraphernalia. All t-shirts must include RIT as well as the club name on them. The RIT athletic tiger is not allowed on club flyers or apparel.

RIT Events

RIT Events is an online form that helps get your needs met and your event organized. RIT Events is required for every club event. You can submit your event at RIT Events, your event must be submitted at least two weeks in advance. Please stop by to see the Event Management Team, located behind the Welcome Center Desk, for any questions or additional assistance.


There is ONE form to complete almost ALL of your financial transactions: the blue Expense Approval Form (EAF), found in the Tiger Suite! All purchases must be tax exempt! Be sure prior to purchase you show a tax exempt form (comes with a club credit card in the Tiger Suite). In order to sign out a credit card, you must fill out an EAF with your club advisor signature. The form must then be brought to the Tiger Suite and we can sign out a credit card for you! You can also sign out a cashbox and get a printout regarding your budget. Your budget is fixed for the year, but you can apply for additional awards from Student Government’s financial committee on their website, under the tab “Services.”

Download Expense Approval Form (EAF) - (Updated August 2016) Please note: this form is only valid if it is printed on blue paper. Hardcopies of this form are available for you in the Tiger Suite. 
PDF / Word Doc

Drop a completed EAF off at the Tiger Suite (allow for 3 days turnaround)

  • You MUST attach all the original receipts
  • NO TAX will be reimbursed

Over $200 will have to be an electronic reimbursement and under $200 will be reimbursed with cash for students only.


Full-time RIT staff or faculty members may advise more than one club at a time. Advisors can request for funding to travel with their club by submitting an Advisor Travel Request Form. They are not required to be at every club meeting. There are also advisor forms that can help you in determining the overall expectations of the advising role per club, along with advisor tips to help you be successful. If you’re unsure of who your advisor is, you can email: