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We represent the student body as a whole by advocating for students and student groups.


We help students connect with each other and the people they need to know at RIT to ensure they have the best experience possible.


We lead by guiding others along with us to further the impact of our advocacy. 


We inform students about the resources offered through RIT and Student Government


We serve as a liaison between the students and administration and always have the student's best interests in mind.


Student News

  • April 22, 2021

    Ferris wheel made of K'Nex.

    Podcast: Along for the Ride with Theme Park Enthusiasts  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 47: RIT’s Theme Park Enthusiasts started as a casual group of roller coaster fanatics. Today, they have won national design competitions and have found co-ops and jobs in the field of theme park entertainment. Travis Faircloth, current club leader, talks to alumnus and former member Robert Cybulski, CAE Analyst at Roush Industries, and Michael Deneau, vice president of Entertainment Engineering at Roush Industries. They share insights about the growth of the club and what it takes to succeed in a very competitive and rewarding industry.

  • April 21, 2021

    environmental portrait of scientist Andrea Ghez.

    Black hole Nobel Prize winner Andrea Ghez is RIT’s 2021 commencement speaker

    Andrea Ghez, a 2020 Nobel Prize winner in physics for her research in discovering one of the most exotic phenomena in the universe—the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy—will be a 2021 RIT commencement speaker on May 14 and 15. Ghez joins Eric Avar ’90 (industrial design), Nike’s vice president and creative guide of innovation design who was honored with the College of Art and Design Distinguished Alumni Award in 2016, as the university’s first-ever dual commencement speakers.

students celebrating with RITchie at a hockey rink

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