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We represent the student body as a whole by advocating for students and student groups.


We help students connect with each other and the people they need to know at RIT to ensure they have the best experience possible.


We lead by guiding others along with us to further the impact of our advocacy. 


We inform students about the resources offered through RIT and Student Government


We serve as a liaison between the students and administration and always have the student's best interests in mind.

Student News

  • November 11, 2019

    Student leaves water and cat food in dishes near box covered with tarp.

    New student-run club cares for cats on the RIT campus

    Feral cats living on the RIT campus are being cared for thanks to members of a new student-run club, Caring Hearts for RIT Cats. About 120 students have joined Caring Hearts, which began as an independent club this semester. Members bring food and water each day to 10 shelters around campus where about a dozen feral cats are believed to live.

  • November 11, 2019

    Four mobile ultrasound machines.

    Carestream makes donation to RIT’s ultrasound program

    The donation includes four premier and mid-tier ultrasound systems, transducers, simulators and related devices. The addition to the RIT sonography scanning suite enables students to practice on different models before beginning their clinical internships.

students celebrating with RITchie at a hockey rink

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