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Due to the lack of attendance in the 2023-24 school year, Student Government is removing this service.

Finance Requests

Student Government provides funding to clubs and organizations through the Application for Additional Funds (AFAF) process. Funds are available through SG Finance Committee, Greek Finance Committee, and Sports Federation.

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Make Your Mark at RIT! PawPrints allows members of the RIT community to create, sign, and share petitions. If a petition receives 200 signatures, it is guaranteed a response from Student Government. SG will look at any petition with a good idea, regardless of signature count. PawPrints has resulted in the implementation of great new initiatives around campus, like Zipcar!

See and sign petitions on PawPrints today!

Did you know that RIT is an international university with several global campuses? As of 2016, PawPrints has expanded to RIT campuses in KosovoCroatia & Dubai.