Finance Requests

Finance Committee

You should apply to finance committee if you are a university/department recognized club or an individual student. The committee will typically hear requests that support an event for RIT students, or the travel for a conference where students directly represent RIT.

Contact: SG Director of Finance,

Once you have decided that you need to apply for additional funds, there are a few things you need to do before coming to Finance Committee.

Finance Committee Bylaws

How to do an AFAF -
Application for Additional Funds

  1. First, you need to determine if Finance Committee will be able to help you.

    Here are a few examples, for a complete list, check the Finance Committee Standing Rules within the SG Bylaws.

    • The event must be open to the entire RIT community.

    • SG does not fund T-shirts unless they are proven to be essential for an event.

    • SG can only fund up to 50% of travel expenses.

    • SG does not fund food unless it is cultural food.

    • If you are requesting money for equipment, you must have on-campus storage for it.

    • SG will not provide reimbursements unless discussed with the Director of Finance first.

  2. Once you have determined you can apply for additional funds, complete your application.

    Navigate to: and follow these steps to turn in a successful AFAF:

    • Fill out the appropriate request form. To access the forms correctly you will need to be logged into your RIT google account. 

    • Ensure the form is as accurate as possible.

    • Create a Google Doc showing your detailed budget for your request and put the link to the doc in your form. NOTE:  Make sure the link says “anyone on the internet can find and view”

      • Include what the event is, why you don’t have the budget to pay for it, what you have done to fundraise for the event, and how the funding of your event will benefit RIT.

      • For Travel: show estimated flight, lodging, and meal costs and any applicable registration fees. Breakdown each item and list where the money will come from (Finance committee if awarded, your organization, an outside sponsorship)

      • For events: show costs of all factors of the event (FMS, Tech Crew, food, supplies, etc) and list where the money will come from (finance committee if awarded, your organization, or an outside sponsorship)

  3. Once your form is submitted you will be contacted by to set up a meeting. 

    If the request is less than $500, you will be scheduled for a one-on-one meeting with the Director of Finance. Requests over $500 will be scheduled to come to Finance Committee.

    Finance Committee is first come, first served. Be sure to include this in the planning of your event. If you turn your AFAF in at the last minute and there are no open spots in Finance Committee that week, we will not bump someone else because of your poor planning.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Director of Finance at

Greek Finance

You should apply to Greek Finance if you are an Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life recognized Greek Letter organization. the committee typically hears requests for travel to national conferences and large scale events that better the RIT community.

Contact: SG Greek Senator,

Process of a Greek Finance Committee Request 

  • Fill out the GFC Form
    • Prepare some documents: current chapter budget, budget for request and current bank account balance
  • Your organization’s current standing will be verified to see if you are eligible for requests
  • The Greek Senator will set up a meeting time for your group to come in and present on the request
  • The meeting is held and the committee will make a decision
  • The request maker will be notified on the decision. There are three options from there.
    • Accept the decision and receive money from the Club Center
    • Deny the decision and don’t receive the money
    • Appeal decision and go through process again (only doable once)

Tips and Advice

  • Cheat Sheet of acceptable requests
  • Cheat Sheet of non-acceptable requests:
    • For anything not listed, please send an email to to clarify
  • Have a knowledgeable presenter (Informed about the event and/or request, can answer questions from the committee, informed on request budget specifics, can be multiple presenters and does not have to be the person who made the request)
  • Have a detailed budget (Lay out everything that the request will be, describe exactly what you want the committee to fund, organized in a proper format (excel document works best), Sample budget