Student Government 2020 Elections


Available Positions

  • CET Senator
  • CHST Senator
  • KGCOE Senator
  • NTID Senator
  • SOIS Senator
  • NSC, President and Vice President


  • GPA: 2.5 or higher, last semester GPA no lower than 2.0
  • Completed at least 2 semesters at RIT
  • Not going on Co-op for the entirety of the academic year during your scheduled term
  • Full-time student for the entirety of the academic year during your scheduled term
  • In good standing with RIT as prescribed by the Student Code of Conduct
  • Must be a member of the constituency under the position you are running for
  • Only running for one position across SG and all RSOs

Application for Candidacy

Profile: Headshot, Bio, Platform and Media List

  • Be sure to complete the requirements for petition before submitting profile (next section)

Must be submitted no later than the deadline found at ​the bottom of this page. You cannot make any changes to these documents once they are submitted. All text will be copy+pasted verbatim, so please check grammar and spelling thoroughly.

Headshots ​should be a .jpg or .png file, no smaller than 500KB and no larger than 1MB. This headshot will be used as your official picture on the Student Government website.

Bios ​introducing yourself and your experiences must be less than 200 words. This bio will be used as your official bio on the Student Government website.

Platforms ​explaining what you are hoping to do in your elected position must be less than 400 words. A video no longer than 5 minutes can be submitted in place of a written platform. If a video is submitted you must provide a full transcript.

Media List​ including websites, social media pages, etc you plan to use during campaigning. The pages do not have to be public/live at the time of link submission. All electronic media cannot be made public before the commencement of campaigning; however, feel free to begin creating these beforehand

Election Rules and Guidelines

All Candidates must familiarize themselves with all elections rules and regulations, including RIT Center for
Campus Life Posting Procedures for Advertisement and Announcements
, before starting their campaigns.
Any violation of election rules may result in disciplinary action, probation, or termination of any candidates’
campaign by the SG Governance Committee.


Per the SG bylaws, Student Government defines campaigning as the dispersal of propaganda, in print and/or
electronic forms, by prospective candidates to solicit votes from students. Included in propaganda are all
visual forms of media and any form of personal communication that exceeds a reasonable level of speculation
for candidacy. Campaigning does not include conversations.

Campaigning is not permitted until candidacy is confirmed. Candidates will be officially sent the emails,
which certify them as candidates in the election. Once they receive this email, they may officially start
campaigning starting on the date posted at and must adhere to all campaign
rules in the Elections Regulations. Violation of election rules, which include campaigning early, may result in
disciplinary action up to and including disqualification of candidacy.

Elections Calendar 


APRIL 1st - Packets, Headshots, Bios and Media List are DUE @Noon for Extended Deadline Candidates

APRIL 5th- Campaigning Begins (Sunday)

APRIL 14th & 15th - VOTING

APRIL 17th - Winners announced after Online Senate