Student Government Elections

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  • Student Government President & Vice President
  • Student Government Senators:
    • 10 Academic Senators, representing each of the Colleges
      1. B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing & Information Sciences
      2. College of Art & Design
      3. College of Engineering Technology
      4. College of Health Sciences & Technology
      5. College of Liberal Arts
      6. College of Science
      7. Kate Gleason College of Engineering
      8. National Technical Institute for the Deaf
      9. Saunders College of Business
      10. School of Individualized Study
    • 4 Community Senators, representing communities at large
      1. Cross Registered
      2. Graduate
      3. Greek
      4. Women’s
  • Representative Student Organization President & Vice President
    • ALANA Collegiate Association
    • Global Union (also runs with a Treasurer on their ticket)
    • NTID Student Congress
    • OUTspoken
  • Senator
    • You represent the constituency that you are running for. If you are petitioning for an academic senator position, you represent all your programs within your college. If you are petitioning for a community senator position, you represent everyone within that community.
  • President/Vice President
    • You represent all students specifically at the RIT Henrietta campus and the RIT community as a whole.
  • RSO President/Vice President
    • You represent your specific organization and advocate on behalf of everyone within your community and all of your affiliates

All of our election rules can be found in Appendix C: Standing Rules of the Election here.

You can contact the Elections Committee at Make sure to include all relevant information and media!

To get your paws on the ballot, you must first petition for candidacy. You are prohibited from claiming you are a candidate until confirmed by the Elections Committee. You are not allowed to campaign until the Elections Committee has confirmed your candidacy; this will happen on Friday, March 10th by 5 PM.

Once you are an official candidate you can campaign in a variety of places. Candidates may utilize social media for petitioning and campaigning. Petitioning and Campaigning are not allowed within the SG office or at SG meetings/events. Additional areas where you are prohibited from campaigning are listed in Appendix C of our Bylaws. All questions regarding the Posting Procedures for Advertisements &  Announcements should be brought to the Elections Committee. 

Detailed guidelines can be found in Appendix C: Standing Rules of the Election Here.

  • No.
  • Each candidate must be able to fulfill the complete term for the position they are running for
    • Candidates must not be going on long-term study abroad or on co-op for the duration of the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters) during their term.

Feel free to come into our office located in Campus Center (CPC-1710) and ask questions, or you can contact the Elections Committee at

No, they are appointed by the newly elected President and approved by the current Senate. The new administration will reach out to students when they are ready to begin the appointment process! 

Yes! All elected positions receive a leadership stipend.

There are a few requirements: Office Hours, a weekly Committee meeting, a weekly branch (Senators or RSO Roundtable) meeting, and a weekly Senate meeting. This time is used to work on the initiatives within your and the organizations platform. Senators also hand out popcorn every day in our office!

You can get involved in many ways! You can apply for these elected positions, apply to appointed positions (Cabinet and Committee Chairs), or attend one of our many SG Committees. For more committee information click here.