Student Government Elections

This special election is for the NTID Senator and NSC Representatives.

This year because of COVID-19 we will be collecting Statements of Support exclusively for positions of candidacy. No signatures will be required, instead you will need 5 people to write statements of support following the CG form template.

Please refer here for standing rules of elections. Rules surrounding campaigning will not apply as there is no campaigning for fall special elections.

Packets will be available Thursday, September 10th, and due Friday, September 18th at 12pm. See full Calendar here.


Elected Positions

  • ​​​NSC President/VP
    • Position Description: The NTID Student Congress President and Vice President represent the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community at Student Government Senate. You will manage a team of student leaders to advocate for your constituency and effect change. Common efforts relate to accessibility and community.
  • NTID Senator
    • ​​Position Description: As the NTID Senator, you will represent all NTID students. By working with your constituency and Student Government, you have the potential to make lasting change for incoming students.​ Common efforts relate to accessibility and academic resources.
    • Any current NTID or Cross-registered student who attended NTID within the past 2 years is eligible